I have been playing guitar off and on for 15 years or so.I should be better but i just dont have the gift of talint so i just try to learn what i can and then play and have a great time doing that.
I have been in about 5 grauge bands that have not worked out but i keep trying new bands and do open mic once in a while.
this 1st song I put on band amp is me (phil the guitar player and bret the singer)called midnight red, I had the music then bret and I wrot the the song.
we have more songs but i am not sure i should post them due to i have not talked to bret in about a year or so.


September 30th, 2008 + 10:09 PM  ·  utune

This is a song that Bret wrote and i tried to come up with some music. this was done in one or two takes ?
it need work but i think it could be a great song.
What do you think ???????

Midnight Red

August 24th, 2008 + 3:08 PM  ·  utune

This song was recorded in my front room with my frind breat ( co wrighter ) and a bunch of drinks?
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